Servizio Bodyguard

La nostra agenzia ti mette a disposizione personale altamente preparato sia maschile che femminile per garantirti la massima protezione.

Anni di esperienza al fianco di personalità di spicco di tutto il mondo, negli anni abbiamo protetto, Capi di Stato, Reali, Magnati, Star del JetSet Internazionale .

Le nostre guardie del corpo hanno svolto una formazione speciale per affrontare ogni situazione che si verificano durante la protezione di politici e diplomatici. Abbiamo ovviamente ottenuto tutte le autorizzazioni necessarie per dare al nostro protetto, la migliore protezione immaginabile contro le minacce nazionali e internazionali.

Se sei una celebrità, un VIP o per qualsiasi motivo hai bisogno di protezione, possiamo aiutarti a sentirti al sicuro.Siamo abituati a situazioni che coinvolgono media e folle di persone.

Se la tua famiglia ha bisogno di protezione, la gestiremo noi.

Le nostre guardie del corpo sono addestrate ad agire in modo discreto e confondersi con l’ambiente.

Saremo discreti e affabili con i tuoi figli, Ti proteggeremo quando sei in casa, nella tua vita di tutti i giorni e anche in vacanza.

Garantiremo la privacy che cerchi in ogni occasione.

Se hai bisogno di noi in zone ad alto rischio, siamo particolarmente addestrati per fornire la protezione a te e ai membri della tua azienda. Ci occuperemo dei  tuoi/vostri spostamenti,  protezione all’interno delle residenze e della azienda, gestiremo le situazioni in caso di ostaggi anche insieme alle autorità locali,  e valuteremo al meglio tutte le minacce terroristiche con attente analisi d’intelligence, anticiperemo i vostri viaggi per far si che al Vostro arrivo sia tutto più sicuro.

Siamo sempre disponibili, reperibilità costante, approntamento in poche ore.

Affidare la sicurezza tua e della tua famiglia a noi, è sinonimo di garanzia e qualità.

Close Protection Services

Good Morning, I take this opportunity to present my Company again, I am Dr.Massimiliano Murru owner of the Falcon Service & Security Management Italy & International Division Ltd. London

My agency offers an high professional security service for people at high risk, and also thanks to our reliable partnerships we are able to provide you with a wide range of services, such as car hire, yacht chartering, private jets and helicharter .

We can meet all your needs from a luxury yacht or villa to an exclusive private jet or helicopter and also limousine services, supercars or armored cars.

Since 1998, I attended the first courses at the IBA (International Bodyguard Association), the first organization in the world, which works to train bodyguards, private and government in 52 nations, where I and my staff continue to train regularly.

We are holding regular police licenses issued by Italian authorities; therefore we are able to manage a service in a professional and authorized manner.

Through a strong partnership with some companies in our industry, we can rent or sell any type of equipment to ensure the safety of persons and property.

Our services are held prevailing in the following ways:  protection of the guest when traveling or during his stay. The staff is composed of at least one driver and two operator per person. The driver must always be our operator because in some situations is able to guarantee the standard of driving required as he is being trained in the following techniques: safe driving, operating, protective and evasive. The number of players involved may change according to the customer and the rule he covers.
Our work continues in offering protection of yachts stationery at sea or during navigation, also with regular inspection of the hull underwater.

When the yacht is moored our operators will be controlling the external security of the craft, and will ensure access on board only to authorized persons and goods by the ship’s owner and / or its Captain.

During the navigation stage, the staff takes care to ensure that nobody can harm the security and privacy of guests on board via aviation or via sea.

In the harbor, in addition to ensuring the continued safety of the craft, our staff creates a perimeter of safety through the use of tenders to ensure the safety of the guests from dangerous actions of other vessels, also by immersing a diver who is ready to intervene in all circumstances. In case of illness, our operators are trained to act as first aid and BLS (Basic Life Support).

We guarantee a 24hrs total control of a  villa, in presence and absence of guests, making an electronic check of premises before guests arrival and after when someone might have harmed the sterility of the place.

The service provides a continue internal patrols to ensure no unauthorized accesses and ensuring an anti-spying service with continuous viewing and listening the vicinity to find out if other people control or violate the privacy of the place.

The services are integrated with each other and are better if managed by the same agency, without interference of other private agencies, but we will be pleased to collaborate again with the security personnel of the family and of the embassy.

We use professional equipment such as detectors of frequency, linear and not, to search for bugs and hidden micro camera via radio, portable x-ray machines for checking of vehicles, luggage and parcels, portable metal detector and sniffer for the detection of weapons or explosives, amplified headphones for listening to inspect large areas of territory and night vision binoculars.

Every man is endowed by a radio receiver apparatus regularly reported to the Ministry of Communications, under shirt bodies ballistic, operational uniform consisting of gilet and BDU pants with light sand amphibians’ shoes, white polo shirt with the agency logo. The evening uniform is more elegant and consists of a black suit, white or black long sleeve shirt, black tie with agency logo. In support of both uniforms a blue waterproof jacket with reflective lines and agency logo; we do not ask our staff to wear casual clothing, we will use it only if expressly requested by the customer.

We have armed staff and not, but they are both trained in the same and equal way. The armed section holds regular license to carry a weapon for personal defense, we do not use, like most other agencies, FF.AA. Staff on holidays, both for tax issues and to avoid problems with local commands to PS , C.C, G.d.F. These local authorities regularly makes checks on employed staff and if they find FF.AA employees in the team, they will ask them to leave immediately, as such activity is not compatible with their status of employment, and a complaint will follow.

Our costs are certainly higher than many other agencies in the market, but we are sure that our price is the right one for the quality of service provided. Therefore, we usually ask €200,00 + VAT per hour minimum four hours for each operator or a daily rate of € 1.800,00 + VAT per person when you provide more days of service with availability h24, even if done in different shifts. Price does not include food and accommodation for staff, which will be paid directly by us, however, if for operational reasons the staff will be working during meals hours, the customers will need to provide it.

With the daily rate, operators will use all those services listed above with the supervision of their manager. We are also able to offer a counterespionage service, to protect the safety of all your facilities, the embassy, consulates and residences of your authority.

For all requests would be appreciated a written note via e-mail, to be addressed at

Please note our contacts are as follows:

  • Services Investigation and Security Mr. Massimiliano Murru  +39 339/1092165 or  
  • 0044 7863 780906

I hope I have given you all the information necessary to begin a fruitful collaboration; I remain at your complete disposal for any clarification.

May I take this opportunity to thank you once again and to greeting you. THE OWNER

Italy 04/06/2009                                                         

Price list security services per agent

Fare per hour                                    €.      200,00

Fare per day                                      €.   1.800,00

Reduced fares

Fare per week                                   €. 10.500,00 (  €. 1.500,00  per day)

Fare  per 15 days                              €. 15.000,00 (€.  1.000,00  per day)

Fare per month                                 €. 24.800,00  (  €. 800,00  per day)

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